LEAP Agility Club of Central MA

LEAP is an AKC agility club with about 100 members from MA, CT, RI and NY.

Our Objectives are to

Promote agility training.

Disseminate knowledge regarding agility training.

Coordinate agility training sessions for dogs and/or handlers.

Encourage the training of judges.

Promote cooperation, harmony, and good sportsmanship among members in the training and exhibiting of dogs.

LEAP Membership Application Form (PDF)

The idea for establishing a new agility club was motivated by a need for a local agility club to host AKC trials in the area. Before LEAP, the AKC agility trials in the area were hosted by obedience or breed clubs. Most of LEAP's founding members had worked with other clubs to host agility trials. LEAP began with a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and dedication!

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LEAP AKC Agility Trials:  

January 17 Rally at Tails U Win, Manchester CT

March 26, 27 Agility at Starhill, Tolland CT

May 28, 29, 30 Agility at Starhill, Tolland, CT

June 10, 11, 12 Agility at the Northford, CT

Nov 25, 26, 27, 28 Thanksgiving Cluster at the Big E

Dec 26, 27 Agility at Northford, CT

Pawprint Trials Website

President: Monica Strathers
Vice-President: Deb Roberts
Secretary: Diane Patterson
Treasurer: Debbie Loomis
Membership: Carol Lariviere
AKC Delegate: Noreen Bennett

Cara Armour
Margaret Howes
Leanne Ksiazek
Kathy Lesinski 

Committee Chairs: 
Seminar Committee: Guylaine Doyon
Sunshine Committee & Library: Diane Wilkinson
November Cluster Committee: Debra Loomis


Trial Secretary Services

Fast Time Agility Gail Shaw (AKC)
Feel the Rush (AKC, UKI)
4 Paw Rule Trial Secretary Services (AKC)
Northeast Agility Enthusiasts Erin Wadja (NADAC)
PawPrint Trials Noreen Bennett (AKC)
Trial Secretary Services Judy Davis (CPE, USDAA)
USDAA Trial Listings USDAA


The American Kennel Club: (AKC)
Australian Shepherd Club of America: (ASCA)
Canine Performance Events: (CPE)
The North American Dog Agility Council: (NADAC)
Teacup Dog Agility Association (agility for small dogs only): (TDAA)
United Kennel Club: (UKC)
UK Agility International (UKI)
United States Dog Agility Association: (USDAA)

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